About Rekis d.o.o.

The newly established Croatian - Austrian company REKIS d.o.o. owns a modern plant for the recovery of waste PET packaging from beverages bottles. The production plant is located in Donja Dubrava, Međimurje County.
The company REKIS d.o.o. use "bottle to bottle" production technology that includes efficient processes like sorting (Sesotec sorting system), grinding, washing and drying (Lindner Washtech), for production of PET flakes (transparent or colored) wich is later use in the granulation process for the production of recycled PET granules.


In the granulation process, the company use highly efficient VACUNITE ® "super-clean" recycling technology (EREMA Vacurema® Basic + Polymetrix SSP V-LeaN) to produce high quality final product - recycled granulate rPET, which is suitable for use in the food industry.

Quality controll

A large emphasis is placed on the product quality control, and that is why we hold the following certificate: ISO 9001:2015.

You can contact us via:

  • Address:
    Production and warehouse: 3.Travnja 58 A, 40 328 Donja Dubrava
    Headquarters: Zeleni trg 4, 10 000 Zagreb
    Phone: 040/643–041
    E-mail: info@rekis.hr